Netdata: Elasticsearch Overview


Detailed stats for Elasticsearch (status, search, indexing, etc)
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About dashboard

A dashboard with an overview for Elasticsearch metrics:

  • Cluster status (green/yellow/red)
  • Nodes Statistics (master, data, ingest, etc)
  • Operations time (indexing, refreshing, flushing)
  • Index Statistics (documents, refreshes, flushes)
  • HTTP connections and JVM Heap usage
  • Search performance (queries and fetches, time, latency)
  • Indexing performance (documents, status, latency)
  • Cluster health and stats API (nodes, shards, docs, cache, storage, etc)
  • Queues and rejections (index, search, write)
  • Host metrics (file descriptors, bandwidth)
  • Memory usage and garbage collector (heap, direct buffers, mapped buffers, etc)
  • Indices segments (usage by type, total)
  • Translog (operations, size)
  • Feilddata cache (usage, evictions)

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How to use

Netdata setup

Follow these instructions to setup Elasticsearch monitoring in Netdata.

Prometheus setup

Please note that you need Netdata as an exporter for metrics. Plus, these labels are mandatory:

  • job
  • env
  • instance
  • group
  • source

In your prometheus.yml it should look like this:

- job_name: netdata
  metrics_path: /api/v1/allmetrics?format=prometheus_all_hosts&source=raw
  - source_labels: [__address__]
    regex: ^(.+)\.\w+:\d+
    target_label: instance
    action: replace
  - targets: []
      env: production
      group: applications
      source: newproject

WARNING: Without these labels, this dashboard won't be fully functioning.





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