Flyte Propeller Dashboard (via Prometheus)


Flyte Propeller Dashboard. This is great for monitoring FlytePropeller / Flyte data plane deployments. This is mostly useful for the Flyte deployment maintainer
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HomePage | Docs Flyte is a production-grade, container-native, type-safe workflow and pipelines platform optimized for large scale processing and machine learning written in Golang. Workflows can be written in any language, with out of the box support for Python, Java and Scala.


FlytePropeller is the engine that runs Flyte Workflows. It can be installed into your Kubernetes cluster as an Operator (CRD + controller). FlytePropeller can be extended using FlytePlugins.


This dashboard is maintained by the core-team and makes it simple to observe and monitor a Flyte dataplane in a flyte deployment. Refer to multiple other dashboards that allow monitoring Flyte from different axes - Control Plane and User Plane.

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