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Certificates Expiration (X509 Certificate Exporter)

Unified dashboard for checking certificates expiration: Kubernetes Secrets, certificate files on nodes, or on any server.

Feature & Dashboard Description

x509-certificate-exporter is a light and easy to install Prometheus exporter for certificates, focusing on expiration monitoring.

It can watch TLS Secrets from Kubernetes clusters, host certificate files for cluster control-plane and etcd, or run on any server with PEM files you want to get metrics for.

Exporter installation

Choose the method that best fit with each component of your infrastructure:

  • Helm Chart for Kubernetes clusters. It’s compatible with the Prometheus operator CRDs, or annotations based pod discovery.
  • Docker Image with other container orchestrators or docker-compose stacks

Exporter source code

If these installation options do not fit with your environment, you can also build your own GO binary directly from X509 Certificate Exporter source code.

Feel free to help and provide us a feedback on this dashboard (or on the feature itself !).


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