Pimoroni Enviro+ dashboard, based on the wonderful work by tijmenvandenbrink https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/11605
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This is a Dashboard for displaying data from Pimoroni's fantastic Enviro+ weather sensor, showing real-time data for parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light level, etc., as well as the optional PMS5003 particulate sensor for reading particulate matter in the air. It's inspired by and based on the wonderful work by tijmenvandenbrink (Dashboard 11605).

It utilizes a Prometheus exporter also inspired by and based on the wonderful work by tijmenvandenbrink. Specifically, his work for his EnviroPlus Exporter available on GitHub and forked by me here: https://github.com/KindOfOK/enviroplus_exporter

All my modifications to his code for the Exporter will be based there, with corresponding modifications to my dashboard provided here. In particular, this dashboard initially focuses on showing the temperature as Fahrenheit, correcting the code for the pm10 panel as of the time of this initial release, and also minor visual tweaks to my preferences. Any additional tweaks will follow and be posted here also.

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