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process exporter dashboard with treemap

This dashboard is another version of Named processes dashboard Expects metrics exported by https://github.com/ncabatoff/process-exporter .

This dashboard is another version of Named processes dashboard


with a memory map panel which shows latest resident memory map , it’s helpful to check top processes that consume a lot of memory immediately

see also: https://dasalog.hatenablog.jp/entry/2021/01/17/185152 (Japanese)

github repository: https://github.com/egmc/egmc-grafana-dashboards

2024/4/6 update(including breaking changes)

  • migrate graph panels to timeseries panels

2022/2/13 update(including breaking changes)

  • this dashboard expects process-exporter => v0.7.2, and run with root privilege from now on
  • add page faults, average resident memory, uptime graphs
  • use proportional resident metrics instead of resident metrics for tree panel(https://github.com/ncabatoff/process-exporter#memory_bytes-gauge), since it shows closer value to actual memory usage ratio

2021/4/4 minor update

  • sort tooltip
  • add more panels: ctx switch, open fd

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