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Prometheus Powerdns exporter metrics.
Last updated: a year ago

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  • dnsdist dashboard - updated.png
    dnsdist dashboard - updated.png

Built using native Prometheus exporter built-into the dnsdist code.

All you need to do is to enable the built-in web server (https://dnsdist.org/guides/webserver.html) Setup your Prometheus to scrape the endpoint, import the dashboard. set your Prometheus data source and you're good to go

Rev 3. now includes caching visibility

Collector Configuration Details

I have added a combination of visualization from node exporter to add CPU, RAM, and DISK visibility in the same dashboard This is not required to use any of the dnsdist metrics and is only added for my own preference and ease of use

for those who are not familiar with node exporter, I highly recommend if for all of your HOST/VM/Instance monitoring https://github.com/prometheus/node_exporter

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