ClickHouse Performance Monitor


ClickHouse Performance Monitor
Last updated: 2 months ago

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ClickHouse Version

The Dashboard is available for ClickHouse v20.8.7.Other versions are not guaranteed to fit.


  • Memory Used Info (Since v1.0)
  • QPS and Fail QPS (Since v1.0)
  • Write Rows Per Second and Write Bytes Per Second (Since v1.0)
  • Merged Row Per Second and Merged Uncompressed Bytes Per Second (Since v1.0)
  • HTTP Connection and TCP Connection (Since v1.0)
  • CPU Wait Time and IO Wait Time and Zookeeper Wait Time (Since v1.0)
  • Disk Space Used (Since v1.0)
  • Dictionaries Info (Since v1.0)
  • Table Info (Since v1.0)
  • Query Log Info (Since v3.0)
  • Replica Info (Since v3.0)
  • Part Info (Since v3.0)

Dashboard Version Desc

  • v1.0 metrics monitoring granularity is second.
  • v2.0 metrics monitoring granularity is minuter,the acquisition is in seconds and the display is averaged in minutes.
  • v3.0 is an extension to dashboard 2515 and v2.0.More information was added to the query information to help analyze the slow log problem.

If you don't care about query information and only care about CK performance status, v2.0 is recommended.