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ClickHouse Performance Monitor

ClickHouse Performance Monitor

ClickHouse Version

The Dashboard is available for ClickHouse v20.8.7.Other versions are not guaranteed to fit.


  • Memory Used Info (Since v1.0)
  • QPS and Fail QPS (Since v1.0)
  • Write Rows Per Second and Write Bytes Per Second (Since v1.0)
  • Merged Row Per Second and Merged Uncompressed Bytes Per Second (Since v1.0)
  • HTTP Connection and TCP Connection (Since v1.0)
  • CPU Wait Time and IO Wait Time and Zookeeper Wait Time (Since v1.0)
  • Disk Space Used (Since v1.0)
  • Dictionaries Info (Since v1.0)
  • Table Info (Since v1.0)
  • Query Log Info (Since v3.0)
  • Replica Info (Since v3.0)
  • Part Info (Since v3.0)

Dashboard Version Desc

  • v1.0 metrics monitoring granularity is second.
  • v2.0 metrics monitoring granularity is minuter,the acquisition is in seconds and the display is averaged in minutes.
  • v3.0 is an extension to dashboard 2515 and v2.0.More information was added to the query information to help analyze the slow log problem.
  • v4.0 fix some bugs about unit.

If you don't care about query information and only care about CK performance status, v2.0 is recommended.

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