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DNSCrypt overview

Shows dnscrypt-proxy's query_log in a nice graphical way by parsing its content with mtail.

How to use

  • Download and install mtail
  • Configure DNSCrypt-proxy daemon running to generate the query_log in ltsv format
  • Save the content of the following mtail “program” to a text file
# mail "program" for DNSCrypt's query log (in ltsv format)
# Sample line:
#  time:1608044190 host:  message:www.ripe.net    type:A  return:PASS                                                                       cached:0        duration:1      server:faelix-ch-ipv4

counter queries_total
counter queries by host, type, return, cached, server

# Binning should be adapted to the latency (in ms) you have with your DNSCrypt s                                                                  ervers
histogram queries_duration_ms buckets 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 by return                                                                  , server, type

/^/ +
/time:[0-9]+\s+/ +
/host:(?P<host>\S+)\s+/ +
/message:(?P<message>\S+)\s+/ +
/type:(?P<type>\S+)\s+/ +
/return:(?P<return>\S+)\s+/ +
/cached:(?P<cached>[0-1])\s+/ +
/duration:(?P<duration>[0-9]+)\s+/ +
/server:(?P<server>\S+)/ +
/$/ {

  # Only consider non-cached results for histograms
  $cached == 0 {
     queries_duration_ms[$return][$server][$type] = $duration

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