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MicroProfile WildFly 16 Metrics

Visualize all MicroProfile Metrics for WildFly 16+

Keycloak image can collect some statistics for various subsystem which will then be available in the management console and the /metrics endpoint. You can enable it with the KEYCLOAK_STATISTICS environment variables which take a list of statistics to enable:

db for the datasources subsystem http for the undertow subsystem jgroups for the jgroups subsystem for instance, KEYCLOAK_STATISTICS=db,http will enable statistics for the datasources and undertow subsystem.

The special value all enables all statistics.

Once enabled, you should see the metrics values changing on the /metrics endpoint for the management endpoint.

Source: https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak-containers/blob/master/server/README.md#enable-some-metrics

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