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Device Health Monitoring

Cisco IOS XE and the Catalyst 9300 switch using the gRPC Dial-Out Model-Driven Telemetry interface to provide basic health and interface monitoring capabilities

Start telegraf

/usr/bin/telegraf –config /etc/telegraf/telegraf-grpc.conf

Enable gRPC subscription configuration on IOS XE

More details will be added once validated ;)

! NETCONF-yang is required for gRPC Dial-Out telemetry:

! Remove any previous MDT configuration:
no telemetry ietf subscription 3301

# Native platform components
telemetry ietf subscription 3301
 encoding encode-kvgpb
 filter xpath /platform-ios-xe-oper:components
 stream yang-push
 update-policy periodic 3000
 receiver ip address 57500 protocol grpc-tcp

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