Consul Server Monitoring


Maintained by the Consul team at HashiCorp. Displays critical health metrics about Consul servers, which are key to understanding Consul servers' behavior and stability in production. Also offers pre-built sections and panels for understanding usage of Consul by feature such as: KVs, DNS, the Catalog, and ACLs.
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Reviews from the community

  • Very good initiative ! There are a few issues with Consul 1.8.5: * consul_acl_resolveToken should be consul_acl_ResolveToken_count (for the rate) * consul_acl_resolveToken should have a capital R aka consul_acl_ResolveToken * The labels are not properly set up (so, you end with {{}} in labels * it would be cool if instances could be fitered * some missing units (such as time)
    November 16th 2020, 8:41 am
    by pierresouchay
    Revision: 2
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