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Adguard Exporter

This is a Adguard dashboard when using the https://github.com/ebrianne/adguard-exporter Prometheus exporter


This is a dashboard for AdguardHome’s Raspberry PI ad blocker. It is based on the famous pihole dashboard available here.

adguard-exporter sources and binaries are available here: https://github.com/ebrianne/adguard-exporter

Available Prometheus metrics

Metric nameDescription
adguard_avg_processing_timeThis represent the average DNS query processing time
adguard_num_blocked_filteringThis represent the number of blocked DNS queries
adguard_num_dns_queriesThis represent the number of DNS queries
adguard_num_replaced_parentalThis represent the number of blocked DNS queries (parental)
adguard_num_replaced_safebrowsingThis represent the number of blocked DNS queries (safe browsing)
adguard_num_replaced_safesearchThis represent the number of blocked DNS queries (safe search)
adguard_top_blocked_domainsThis represent the top blocked domains
adguard_top_clientsThis represent the top clients
adguard_top_queried_domainsThis represent the top domains that are queried
adguard_query_typesThis represent the types of DNS queries
runningIs Adguard running?
protection_enabledIs the protection enabled?

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