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Docker Overview - Zabbix


Grafana dashboard with Zabbix as the data source severing as a docker overview
Last updated: 2 years ago

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    Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 12.44.06.png
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    Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 12.44.31.png

Docker Overview - Zabbix

This dashboard enabled the use of zabbix as a datasource for Docker metrics, in order to use this data source you will need to install the Zabbix plugin for Grafana

enter image description here

As of 17/09/2020 the instructions on the plugin page did not work for me on the latest version of Grafana, so replace the provived command to install with sudo grafana-cli plugins install alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app 3.12.4

In order to tweak this to your needs I would advise you to change the group and host variables, replace the value /Zabbix servers/ with the Zabbix Group that your docker host resided in.

Following this you will likely also need to change the host variable, in this change the value /Zabbix server/with the host name of your docker host.

enter image description here

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