Redis server metrics


Health and performance metrics from a redis server. Server name is selectable from a dynamic list.
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This dashboard shows:

  • basic health metrics for a redis server : Load average, CPU usage, memory usage
  • various redis server performance characteristics: operations per second, cache hits, connection and etc.

Make sure to select your own InfluxDB datasource though.
Notable that for a list of servers selection this dashboard searches in the same datasource for a distinct list of servers. Therefore once a new server start logging into influxdb through collectd - it will be there upon a dashboard refresh.

Collector Configuration Details

There is really no specific collector configuration required.

Automated way via Puppet

yum install epel-release -y
yum install puppet -y
puppet module install puppet-collectd
cat > /tmp/collectd_redis.pp << EOF
class { 'collectd::plugin::redis':
  manage_package => true,
  nodes => {
    $facts['hostname'] => {
      'host'     => 'localhost',
      'port'     => 6379,
      'password' => '<yourpasswordgoes here if needed>',
      'timeout'  => 2000,
puppet apply /tmp/collectd_redis.pp

Manual way

Just make sure to install collectd-redis rpm Here is a sample config

[user@server ~]# cat /etc/collectd.d/10-redis.conf
# Generated by Puppet
<LoadPlugin redis>
  Globals false

<Plugin redis>
  <Node "servername">
    Host "localhost"
    Port "6379"
    Timeout 2000
    Password "password for redis server"

Here is the url to collectd-redis plugin configuration: