Mongo DB


A Mongodb Replication Performance Monitoring with Prometheus and telegraf agent
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Mongodb Dashboard

Mongodb Dashboard Visualization uses <img src="./images/logo_telegraf.png" width="60"> as an exporter. This dashboard will work Effeciently if replication is enabled in MongoDB Cluster.

These Dashboards need mongodb as Telegraf Input Plugins, You can find the Mongodb Input Plugin Configuration below

  ## An array of URLs of the form:
  ##   "mongodb://" [user ":" pass "@"] host [ ":" port]
  ## For example:
  ##   mongodb://user:auth_key@,
  ##   mongodb://,
  servers = ["mongodb://"]

Purpose of Each Panel Used in Dashboard

Here you will see these information in dashboards

  • Current Master from Mongo replica Set
  • Total Replication count
  • Memory used by node
  • MongoDb Uptime
  • Master CPU Utilization
  • CPU Utilization in each node
  • Total operations (read,write,update,delete)
  • Total Read operations
  • Total Write operations
  • Total Update operations
  • Total Delete operations

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