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Firewall / Security Dashboard (Maps only)

Thought I share this amateurishly done Firewall / Security Dashboard for Opnsense (Maps only).

Thought I share this amateurishly done Security Dashboard for Opnsense (Maps only).

It requires Elasticsearch, Logstash, opnsense-logstash-config, World Map Panel.

My setup is :

  1. Router with Opnsense , Save logs to a remote server System: Settings: Logging / targets.
  2. Ubuntu Server with grafana , logstash, opnsesne-logstash-conf, World Map Panel.
  3. Change the opnsense-logstash entries for source to destination :
geoip { source => "source" }


geoip { source => "destination" }

I wanted to see all the remote IP’s which I have blocked no matter if I initiate or them.

for the VPN part, I use a custom TCP OpenVPN ports , so adjust with yours.

And that is all, it should work.

The dashboard has not been exported with variables but it is a simple dash you can adjust that yourself.

Hope it works for you!

opnsesne-logstash-conf can be found here : 

Please feel free to modify and do share with all of us if you improve it , that will be nice!


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