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Default dashboard for Solr Exporter

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This is a Grafana dashboard that works OOTB with the Solr Prometheus Exporter. See for setup instructions.

The dashboard shows a selection of metrics from

  • Solr cluster-level overview
  • Jetty (request etc)
  • the Java VM (memory, GC etc)
  • OS metrics (memory, cpu disk etc)
  • Solr node (number of cores, threads etc)
  • Solr Core metrics (index size, num docs etc)


  • April 2021: New Solr Cluster row on top, showing number of live nodes, collections, shard status and shard leaders.
  • January 2021: New Query metrics row, showing QPS metrics per collection (requires solr-exporter 8.8 or later)
  • October 2020 version: Now the collection, shard, replica, core dropdowns on top actually filter the graphs!
Apache Solr

Apache Solr

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