Telegraf / InfluxDB / Grafana as syslog receiver
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Reviews from the community

  • Hello, i don't have anything showing in my panel. Is this because i use InfluxDB 2.0 ?
    April 19th 2021, 2:20 pm
    by Zackari tervil
    Revision: 5
  • Hiya, as @thettr mentioned in the review in October, the hostname selector needs to be fixed within the bottom panel. Thanks to his tip and some experimentation I was able to do that easily enough, though this dashboard is technically 1/2 broken out of the box until a new release fixing this is uploaded by the maintainer. I also renamed the panel to be "Log Table" since it was unnamed in the current version of the dashboard on offer here. For others, to fix the bottom panel, go to 'edit' on the panel, then change from 'host' to 'hostname' in the query A: Broken: 'default syslog WHERE host' Works: 'default syslog WHERE hostname' Thanks very much for putting the dashboard together @NWMichl, great work overall!
    March 19th 2021, 12:43 pm
    by kfiresmith
    Revision: 5
  • Hello, I think in the query in the filed "Panel title", must be changed WHERE ("host" =~ with WHERE ("hostname" =~ . Otherwise no log messages are displayed.
    March 18th 2021, 2:37 pm
    by Roberto Ferrari
    Revision: 4
  • I am not able to use ad hoc filters for "messages", any idea what could causing that?
    February 3rd 2021, 10:16 am
    by Mike Brust
    Revision: 3
  • Small note, table did not disaplyed at all, as hostname selector is 'host' while it should be 'hostname' Also, if You're looking for rainerscript rsyslog config (preferred now), see telegraf documentation at
    October 16th 2020, 3:26 pm
    by thettr
    Revision: 3
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