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for power caclulation of lights the assumption is as follows:

  • A light which is off, consumes a standby wattage, the amount depends on the model, typically between 0.3 and 0.5 W
  • A light which is on, consumes the standby wattage + (% of brightness * wattage) – standby wattage
  • A light which is not reachable (e.g. has been switched off manually) consumes 0 W

example to adapt the formula to your needs:

hue_light_reachable{name=“Hue Go”} * 0.4 + hue_light_reachable{name=“Hue Go”} * hue_light_on{name=“Hue Go”} * (hue_light_brightness{name=“Hue Go”} * 6/254 - 0.4)

  • “0.4” is the standby wattage either given by the spec sheet for this Hue light or estimated (needs to be adjusted twice)
  • “6” is the maximum power consumption given by the spec sheet or written on bulb itself

This exporter is being used in conjunction with Prometheus database: https://github.com/mitchellrj/hue_exporter

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