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Routinator 0.9.0 and newer

This dashboard provides trust anchor and repository statistics

The HTTP server in Routinator provides a Prometheus enpoint for monitoring the health of the appliction itself, as well as all trust anchors and repositories. To launch Routinator in server mode on localhost with RTR running on port 3323 and HTTP on 8323, use the following command:

routinator server --rtr --http

On the /metrics path, Routinator will expose the number of valid ROAs seen for each trust anchor and each repository, as well as the total number of validated ROA payloads (VRPs) for each. In addition, several counters are available that indicate when the last update was started, when it finished and what the duration was. There are also stats for each repository.

The current serial number for RPKI-RTR is also exposed. This number is used to notify connected routers that new data is available. The number Routinator has should match the serial on your connected router. Lastly, the endpoint provides several gauges related to rsync, such as the exit code and the duration of fetching the data in each RPKI repository.

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