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A new RabbitMQ Management Overview

Understand the state of any RabbitMQ cluster at a glance. Includes all metrics displayed on RabbitMQ Management Overview page.

This dashboard includes detailed explanation for all metrics displayed, with links to relevant official docs and guides.

All metrics are node-specific making it trivial to visualise cluster imbalances (a.k.a. cluster hotspots).

Some graph panels include sensible default thresholds.

Metrics displayed:

  • Node identity, including RabbitMQ & Erlang/OTP version
  • Node memory & disk available before publishers blocked (alarm triggers)
  • Node file descriptors & TCP sockets available
  • Ready & pending messages
  • Incoming message rates: published / routed to queues / confirmed / unconfirmed / returned / dropped
  • Outgoing message rated: delivered with auto or manual acks / acknowledged / redelivered
  • Polling operation with auto or manual acks, as well as empty ops
  • Queues, including declaration & deletion rates
  • Channels, including open & close rates
  • Connections, including open & close rates

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Requires rabbitmq-prometheus to be enabled, a built-in plugin since RabbitMQ v3.8.0

Learn more about RabbitMQ built-in Prometheus support

To get it working locally with RabbitMQ in 3 simple steps, follow this Quick Start guide


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