IP2Location - ICMP Monitoring


a simple dashboard for using this tool to monitor your hosts. It might gives you a chance to get the idea behind IP2Location Tool. You might want to make more effective dashboard and share it with others.
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Step 1: Download binaries

Download IP2Location binary for your platform:

  1. Windows:
  2. Linux:
  3. Mac:

Step 2: How to get metrics & use this dashboard?

You can find a how to guide in this article to Monitor your hosts using InfluxDB, Telegraf & Granfana.

Collector Configuration Details


A terminal application which use to get information about IP addresses based on IP2Location.com Lite Database

This terminal application will use the IP2Location Lite Package to fetch the information about provided IP addresses. If the provided IPs are private addresses, you can provide a CSV file to fetch information from your local database.

Download source code & binaries from IP2Location Github Repo

Get this dashboard: