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njmon Whole Server by Serial Number (hard coded) for AIX & VIOS

POWER Server LPARs by Serial Number and running AIX or VIOS. Basics stats CPU, Memory, Network and Disks. You have to change the serial number (like "serial_no" = '7804930') in each graph by hand. There is a very similar Dashboard with the Variable added to allow switching Server / Serial Number - that one is more useful but the comparison may be useful to learn about Templates

Based on the njmon data collector v31+

Project on Sourceforge with open-source code and sample binaries for download can be found here: http://nmon.sourceforge.net/pmwiki.php?n=Site.Njmon

njmon covers AIX, VIOS and Linux (on many hardware platforms like POWER8//9, AMD64 Raspberry Pi, AMD, mainframe/Z).

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