Host Detailed Dashboard


Very detailed host dashboard. It shows stats for Disk, Kernel, Network and process stuff. Used every day for debugging purposes.
Last updated: 2 years ago

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This dashboard gives you pretty much detailed overview of your host. It uses DC tag to switch between location or Datacenter rooms.

You have to set dc global tag in your telegraf.conf. You can implement it to your automatic configuration management and generate it for you.


  • InfluxDB as backend service
  • Telegraf collector installed on your system


  • Retention policies
  • Filter with DC (datacenter) tag
  • Disk and Network selectors

Collector Configuration Details

Important configuration

In telegraf.conf set

# Global tags can be specified here in key="value" format.
  dc = your-datacenter

DC tag is needed by this dashboard. It gives you ability to filter out various locations or Datacenter Rooms.

Enabled Inputs

My configured input plugins are:

  • kernel
  • linux_sysctl_fs
  • net
  • nstat
  • disk
  • mem
  • system
  • conntrack
  • netstat
  • diskio
  • docker
  • cpu
  • processes
  • swap
  • puppetagent