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ZooKeeper by Prometheus

ZooKeeper Dashboard for Prometheus metrics scraper

Change Log


  • TODO: Adapt to kubernetes(k8s) and container environment


  • Feature:

    • Add the JVM related metrics
    • Support to choose by datasource, job and instance
  • Fix:

    • Remove duplicated metrics: e.g., write_batch_time_in_commit_processor
  • Improvement:

    • Use rate() to react the fluctuation of data for total time summary metric
    • Have a better classification by checking the source codes to know what every metric wants to do
    • The metrics in the CommitProcessor are placed the same order with the source code for a better observation for the workflow of CommitProcessor
    • Use an unit(e.g., ms/byte) for metric graph
    • Prioritize the metrics in the same panel
  • Compatibility Test: - Tested with grafana-6.x(6.2.2); grafana-7.x(7.0.5)

Metrics Endpoint (Prometheus)

Metrics Endpoint (Prometheus)

by Grafana Labs
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Easily monitor any Prometheus-compatible and publicly accessible metrics URL with Grafana Cloud's out-of-the-box monitoring solution.

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