Uyuni / SUSE Manager Server


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This dashboard shows insights about Uyuni / SUSE Manager servers and includes metrics from:

  • Node exporter
  • PostgreSQL exporter
  • JMX exporter
  • Internal metrics

The dashboard requires that an existing Prometheus is configured to collect Uyuni / SUSE Manager metrics. The 'job' constant should be set according to the settings you have on your Prometheus scrape targets. It assumes exporters are running on their default ports.

Example Prometheus scrape target config:

- job_name: 'uyuni-server'
    - targets:
      - 'uyuni-server.local:9100'  # Node exporter
      - 'uyuni-server.local:9187'  # PostgreSQL exporter
      - 'uyuni-server.local:5556'  # JMX exporter (Tomcat)
      - 'uyuni-server.local:5557'  # JMX exporter (Taskomatic)
      - 'uyuni-server.local:9800'  # Taskomatic
    - targets:
      - 'uyuni-server.local:80'    # Message queue
        __metrics_path__: /rhn/metrics