Node Exporter Full with Node Name


Fork dashboard Change list of host from instance(IP address) to hostname. So more readable.
Last updated: 2 years ago

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Reviews from the community

  • Beautiful work
    June 9th 2020, 9:51 pm
    by Rob Morrow
    Revision: 1
  • I'm using it with Prometheus Service Discovery and my Host values are like '3e9aca6e9b93'. How can I change them to Private IP or something else? Could it be because relabeling?
    June 4th 2020, 2:51 pm
    by Roman Newaza
    Revision: 1
  • May 25th 2020, 7:10 am
    by Vasya Sharko
    Revision: 1
  • Working great! Node-name is a really important piece of info for debugging/sizing.
    June 28th 2019, 5:22 pm
    by josephtruncale
    Revision: 1
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