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Like the original Collectd Graph Panel (PHP frontend), but then as a Dashboard in Grafana with InfluxDB as a data source. Same colors and styling. Currently supported graphs: - Load - CPU - Memory - Swap - Disk Traffic - Disk Usage - Interface Traffic (Original:
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  • This dashboard is well built and a lot of thought went into the visuals. To get the dashboard working you need to set "from $rp" to "from autogen" in every query or configure InfluxDB/Grafana in the way that the maintainer suggests in their blog: If you are using the maintainers blog post and rev 2 of this dashboard, you will also need to fix the $rp variable query, since two spaces are missing. The query should be: select rp from forever.rp_config where $__to - $__from > "start" and $__to - $__from <= "end"
    July 9th 2019, 1:42 am
    by eslerm
    Revision: 2
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