StorageOS Example v1.2.0+


StorageOS example dashboard with metric names updated for StorageOS v1.2.0+ compatibility.
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StorageOS Dashboard

Compatible with 1.2.0 - Some metric names have changed since 1.1.5

StorageOS is cloud native, persistent storage for containers. Benefit from application-centric container storage that moves with your application.

The following dashboard has been built to serve as an extensible example for monitoring a StorageOS cluster. The dashboard has two different rows, Node metrics for an overview of cluster wide metrics broken down by node and Namespace metrics for volume specific metrics that can be broken down by namespace.

The node metrics can display metrics for nodes of choice by setting the Node variable. The Namespace metrics can be broken down by namespace and thereafter by volumes in the namespace by setting the Namespace and Volume Name variables.

Metric Explanation

Node Metrics

Node MetricsDescription
StorageOS Process UptimeThe uptime of the StorageOS control plane process on each node
Volumes Per NodeThe number of master and replica volumes on each node
Total Read/Write rate (IOPS)The average number of read and write operations per node over a 2 minute period
Total Read/Write BandwidthThe average bandwidth of volumes per node over a 2 minute period
StorageOS CPU and Resident Memory UsageThe average CPU and Resident Memory usage of StorageOS processes per node

Namespace Metrics

Namespace MetricsDescription
Frontend Volume IOPSThe average IOPS over 2 minutes for a volume from the applications perspective.
Frontend Volume Read/Write BandwidthThe average bandwidth of a volume over 2 minutes from the application perspective.