The Grafana, Prometheus, and Alertmanager stack is the de facto standard for generating alerts. In this webinar, we’ll give you a walkthrough of the Grafana 8 unified alerting system. For users of the old traditional Grafana dashboard alerts, we’ll talk about alerting improvements we’ve made along the way. For users of Prometheus-style alerts and Grafana Cloud alerting, we’ll also explore how the new system makes it easier than ever to manage these alerts, all directly within Grafana. Finally, we will introduce Grafana OnCall, an easy-to-use on-call management tool built to help DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams improve their collaboration and ultimately resolve incidents faster ⁠— right within Grafana.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Grafana 8 alerting compares to the old Grafana dashboard alerts
  • Grafana 8 alerting greatly improves upon Grafana Cloud alerting and complex Prometheus-style alerts
  • Grafana OnCall gives you a centralized view of incidents thanks to the automated grouping and many integrations
  • To manage on-call scheduling, define escalation policies with flexible routing and implement best practices
  • To integrate unified alerting with Grafana OnCall

Charity Anderson

Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs

Christine Wang

Solutions Engineer Manager, Grafana Labs

Christine is a Solutions Engineer Manager at Grafana Labs, where she brings the people element to technical integrations. After joining her first tech startup over 12 years ago, she’s worked in a variety of user-centric roles for SaaS, ad tech, developer platform, and data companies. When she’s not evangelizing why everyone should use Grafana, you can find her making curry stew every Thursday night and browsing Ikea’s online catalogue for the fifth time this week.