During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  1. Scale, security, and cost challenges Observability teams face when scaling Prometheus
  2. How Grafana Cloud Metrics can help address high availability, multi-tenancy, authentication requirements
  3. How Grafana Cloud cost management tools let you control and optimize rising metrics costs

Tackle Prometheus scale challenges with scalable, secure, fully managed Grafana Cloud LGTM Stack.

Does any of this sound familiar as you expand your Prometheus footprint?

  • Need long-term metric retention?
  • Is managing Prometheus federation creating data access and query performance challenges?
  • Is securing access becoming paramount as you scale Prometheus within the organization?

In this webinar, we will show you how Grafana Cloud is designed to manage these Prometheus limitations with a fully managed, highly scalable metrics service - Grafana Cloud Metrics. Powered by Grafana Mimir, Grafana Cloud Metrics has the tools you need to scale without impact to query or platform performance and optimize metric cardinality to protect you from rising observability costs, all without the overhead of building and maintaining your observability stack.

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