As the de facto open source monitoring technology for the cloud native world growing around Kubernetes, Prometheus has seen massive adoption in recent years.

While there are clear advantages to using Prometheus in complex, distributed environments like Kubernetes, there are also well-documented challenges to adopting the technology at the enterprise level.

To address these challenges, we’ve built Grafana Enterprise Metrics (GEM).

GEM is the simple-to-install-and-configure, secure, batteries-included solution for a unified view of your Prometheus metrics, for both real-time and historical analysis. GEM provides all the benefits of the Mimir OSS project, but with features that enterprises value, such as built-in instance management and authentication to provision and control access.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Challenges when it comes to securing and operationalizing Prometheus in the enterprise
  • Different ways Grafana Labs can help centralize metrics and management with Grafana Enterprise Metrics
  • New features available in GEM and how to get access

We will demo GEM so you can see it live, in action!

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Colin Wood

Colin Wood

Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs