As enterprises adopt Prometheus and Kubernetes, the rate of metrics growth has skyrocketed, and so have the costs associated with it. Unfortunately, more metrics does not mean better business outcomes: Enterprises see no visible improvements to mean time to resolution (MTTR) when more than 50% of metrics go unused.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how Grafana Cloud tackles the problem of unmanageable metrics growth with Adaptive Metrics, the newest cardinality optimization feature in Grafana Cloud that eliminates unused and partially used time series through customized aggregation. The Adaptive Metrics feature makes it easy for observability teams to manage, control, and optimize metric time series without compromising observability.

Join us to watch Adaptive Metrics in action. You’ll see:

  • How Adaptive Metrics works behind the scenes to identify unused and partially used metrics
  • A live demo of aggregation with 20-50% reduction in time series
  • How to integrate Adaptive Metrics into your existing CI/CD pipeline

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Cyril Amsellem

Lead Solutions Engineer, APAC, Grafana Labs