During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  1. How Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana changed the cloud-native landscape
  2. The cost of improper k8s monitoring
  3. What telemetry you should be collecting
  4. The power of the Grafana Agent
  5. Collecting Kubernetes metrics and logs
  6. The speed-to-value and ease of troubleshooting with Kubernetes Monitoring in Grafana Cloud

Kubernetes, paired with Prometheus monitoring and Grafana visualization and alerting, has transformed cloud native development. In this webinar you’ll learn how Grafana offers developers and SREs a simple and quick-to-value solution for monitoring their Kubernetes infrastructure. You’ll learn how Grafana Cloud and a simple deployment of the Grafana Agent allows you to monitor your clusters with an all-new, traversable UI and out-of-the-box metrics, logs, dashboards, and alerts

Additional resources to explore:

Naima Alexander

Associate Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs

David Tupper

Associate Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs