Prometheus is taking over the monitoring world! In this webinar, we will start with a quick introduction to the open source project that’s the de facto standard for monitoring modern, cloud native systems.  

We will then demonstrate why Grafana Cloud, our composable observability platform, pairs so well with Prometheus, and why you should consider Grafana Cloud even if you have an existing and stable Prometheus installation.

Finally, if you’re a complete beginner to Prometheus, we’ll show you all the work we’ve done to make Prometheus extremely simple to adopt and use. You can get the metrics and alerts working in just a few minutes!

Get started easily with our robust free tier of Grafana Cloud, which includes 10K series for Prometheus/Graphite metrics + 50GB Loki logs.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Why you want to have Prometheus for monitoring.
  • Why you should use Grafana Cloud even if you already have a Prometheus installation.
  • How Grafana Cloud is the easiest way to get started with Prometheus. s.

Goutham Veeramachaneni

Product Manager, Grafana Labs

Goutham is a Prometheus maintainer with experience maintaining the TSDB. After spending many years helping build and run the hosted Prometheus service at Grafana, he recently transitioned to product management, managing the Application Observability and OpenTelemetry products. He still hasn’t lost the itch to code, and continues to contribute to Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and other open source observability tools.