The explosion of microservices in recent years has created previously unseen amounts of monitoring data, limiting the ability of humans and computer systems to extract meaning from data with last-generation tools. As a result, “observability” has become a hot topic, and this webinar aims to give a buzzword-free overview of effective observability for modern cloud workloads.

We will take a deep dive into Prometheus, the leading open source project focused on metrics and alerting that has changed the way the world does monitoring and observability. But metrics are just part of the whole picture; we will also cover the other pillars of observability, logs and traces. 

Finally, we will tie all of this together in one consistent picture, which allows us to jump seamlessly between all three pillars of observability.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The non-buzzword definitions of SRE and observability and the relationship between the two
  • The three pillars of modern observability
  • How label-based data models and exemplars tie those three pillars together
  • Specific tools that are guaranteed to work well together

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Richard "RichiH" Hartmann

Director, Community, Grafana Labs

Richard “RichiH” Hartmann is the Director of Community at Grafana Labs, Prometheus team member, OpenMetrics founder, OpenTelemetry member, CNCF Technical Advisory Group Observability chair, CNCF Technical Oversight Committee member, CNCF Governing Board member, and more. He also leads or organizes various conferences, including PromCon, FOSDEM, DENOG, DebConf, and Chaos Communication Congress. In the past, he made mainframe databases work, ISP backbones run, freenode work, and designed and built a datacenter from scratch. Go through his talks at or follow him on Twitter at for musings on the intersection of technology and society.