Grafana Labs provides a simple and scalable solution for unifying your metrics across multiple systems, enabling both real-time and historical analysis in Grafana Cloud or self-hosted on your own infrastructure.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about some of the challenges users encounter when scaling their metrics systems, with a particular focus on Prometheus and Graphite. Then we’ll cover how Grafana Labs helps organizations address these problems so they can easily store, query, and manage their metrics.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The importance of metrics as part of your observability strategy 
  • The challenges that come up when scaling metrics 
  • The different offerings Grafana Labs provides for metrics observability including Prometheus, Graphite, Grafana Cloud Metrics, Grafana Enterprise Metrics and more
  • How to get started with Grafana Cloud using your existing metrics system
Jen Villa

Jen Villa

Director of Product at Grafana Labs

When I’m not working to build the fastest and simplest way to store and query metrics, logs, and traces at scale, I enjoy dancing (and eating) salsa, hiking, and reading sci-fi novels.

Ali Gerrard

Ali Gerrard

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Grafana Labs

Ali is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Grafana Labs who is passionate about all things observability, open-source software and marketing B2B SaaS products without using fluffy buzzwords. When she’s not talking about Kubernetes or working on slide decks, you can find her skiing in Tahoe, enjoying some tequila, or running around with her dog, Crew.