Update: k6 Cloud is now available as a new native application in Grafana Cloud. Existing k6 Cloud customers will not be impacted - they will be migrated to the new experience at a later date. Get started with Grafana Cloud k6 →

Observability tools give you better insight into application performance in production, but what if you want to test for application performance before going live? How do you find out how your app will behave when all you have is a test environment? The other half of the observability puzzle is having quality data to observe, and that’s where load testing comes in.

Load testing creates usage data for you to observe by simulating real users that are accessing your application. This exposes the system to conditions it will need to withstand in production, highlighting performance issues before it’s too late to fix them.

k6 is a load testing platform for modern engineering teams, and one of the newer members of the Grafana Labs family. In this webinar, we’ll give an overview of our two products, k6 OSS and k6 Cloud, to help you understand which solution is right for your needs. You’ll get a live demo of how to create a load testing script in minutes that is realistic enough to make your test environments more production-like. Then we’ll go over your options for integration with Grafana and Prometheus, so your load test results can be seen wherever your team is already looking. By the end of this webinar, you’ll understand how to use k6 to run thousand-user load tests from different geographical regions on the cloud, and how to use Grafana to make sense of all the results.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Why observability is only half the performance picture: Load testing gives you something to observe.
  • What is k6? How is it different from other load testing tools?
  • High-level overview of k6 Cloud and k6 OSS, and how they work.
  • How to integrate k6 with Grafana.

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Nicole van der Hoeven

Developer Advocate, k6

Nicole is a Developer Advocate at k6.io. She is a performance engineer with over ten years’ experience in breaking software and learning to build it back up again. She has worked as a performance testing consultant in Australia and the Netherlands, helping teams all over the world scale up their load tests on the cloud. She spends eight hours a week playing Dungeons & Dragons, and her real-life alignment is chaotic good.