During this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. How and what to alert on with Grafana’s simplified alerting
  2. How and when to use error budget alerts and adaptive alerts
  3. How to avoid alerting toil and enable predefined alerting rules for integrations and applications.

Learn how to alert on the most important signals and services with Grafana

Alerting is a cornerstone to both observability and incident response. Yet, it can be a major source of headaches—from overwhelming false positives to alerting on the wrong signals. How and what you alert on can mean the difference between consistently meeting reliability goals and breaching an SLA.

Ensuring that teams detect issues with services and resources quickly means that applications and infrastructure are more reliable and performant. This is where Grafana is able to help, regardless of whether you’re an open-source user, on Grafana Enterprise, or on the Grafana Cloud platform.

Additional resources to explore:

Ryan Kehoe

Senior Product Manager, Grafana Labs

Ryan is based out of New Hampshire and brings a rich background of SRE and PM experience. He spends his time on Grafana Alerting and Grafana SLO.

Jake Swiss

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Grafana Labs

Jake Swiss is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with a focus on infrastructure observability. Jake works alongside Grafana Labs engineers and customers to help make monitoring infrastructure simple and easy to scale. When he is not monitoring Kubernetes clusters, he spends his time fishing, cooking, or cycling.