London-based IG Group is a global financial services leader in online trading and investments with operations in 20 countries across five continents. They are on a mission to power the pursuit of financial freedom for the ambitious. An integral part of achieving that mission involves streamlining disparate monitoring solutions into a modern, unified observability strategy for maximum impact across the organization.In this session, Technology Architect James Andrews and Logging and Telemetry Team Lead Natalie Ujuk will share how they are moving to an “Observable by Default” state at IG Group by changing mindsets across the company. They’ll share how they are paving the way for full stack observability using a flexible big tent architecture with solid standards upfront and leveraging the Grafana platform as the first pane of glass.

Natalie Ujuk

Logging and Telemetry Team Lead, IG Group

Natalie Ujuk is a Technical Team Lead at IG Group focused on building IG’s Observability Platform. Natalie has over 20 years of global experience in Systems and Application Monitoring space and is forever adapting to the evolving landscape of monitoring and observability solutions to meet business needs.

James Andrews

Technology Architect, IG Group