At Fetch, nearly everyone – from product and design to engineering and support – uses Grafana. The company prioritizes measuring and improving everything from high-level business outcomes to low-level technical monitoring. Grafana enables them to aggregate, analyze, and transform diverse sources of data into powerful visualizations that drive outcomes.

In this session, you’ll learn how the Fetch team leverages Grafana to address a range of operational and technical use cases, including monitoring technical infrastructure health and product KPIs, leveraging logs from Grafana Loki when metrics aren’t available, keeping maintenance low with multi-dimensional alerting, and using query comparisons across data sources to create powerful alerts.

Alex Cook

Site Reliability Engineering Lead & Manager, Fetch

Alex is a Site Reliability Engineer at Fetch. His team supports Fetch’s mobile application that handles millions of active users each month, helping them to save money and have fun in the process. Prior to Fetch, he worked in healthcare technology in the Midwest. Alex currently lives in San Francisco and enjoys running, traveling, movies, music, and books.

Kyle Heisler

Site Reliability Engineer, Fetch

Kyle is a Site Reliability Engineer at Fetch, who primarily focuses his time on alerting and automation development. He currently lives in Madison, WI and prior to Fetch worked in healthcare technology supporting infrastructure in both private and public clouds. When he isn’t making Fetch happen, he enjoys woodworking, reading, and getting outdoors.