For many organizations, the transition to cloud native architectures, adoption of Prometheus, and flexibility to instrument applications have resulted in an explosion of metrics. And with this comes an increase in cardinality, the number of unique sets of data in a time series database. But why is high cardinality a concern?

The impact of high cardinality can manifest as slow degradation to query performance or increasing data costs to store and retrieve metrics. And that leads to this conundrum: How do you optimize cost and performance without sacrificing relevant and critical data? This webinar will focus on answering the most common questions behind high cardinality: what are the pros and cons, why it has become a challenge to SRE teams today, and what steps to take to tame your high-cardinality environment.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices to manage cardinality explosion with Grafana
  • How to drop unused labels and metrics in a cloud native environment
  • How to proactively monitor for high cardinality through Grafana dashboards, reporting, and alerts

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Archana Kesavan

Director, Product Marketing, Grafana Labs

At Grafana Labs, Archana Kesavan is responsible for product messaging, positioning and driving the GTM efforts of Grafana Enterprise and Cloud. Outside of work, you will find her either exploring NYC, where she currently lives or hiking the PNW mountains.

Jen Villa

Director of Product, Grafana Labs

Jen Villa is a Director of Product at Grafana Labs focused on our core metrics, logs, and traces databases. When not hunting for ways to make it easier to query or ingest your telemetry data, she enjoys golfing, playing board games with friends, and tearing through sci-fi novels.