This session is for Verizon employees only and registration with a business email is required.

Watch this exclusive, highly interactive, virtual technical session created specifically for Verizon. In this video, our experts share aspects of Grafana Enterprise, advancements in visualization, metrics (Prometheus), logs (Loki) using Grafana Cloud, as well as sessions dedicated to the latest with Grafana 8 and machine learning. You will also hear from your Verizon teammates firsthand as they share their stories and best practices in Grafana.

Whether you are just getting started with monitoring or you are a Grafana expert, this video will cover the following topics in the agenda below.


  • Welcome and team Introductions
  • Unified Observability + Grafana Enterprise Stack
  • GTS Grafana Service: Open Observability at Verizon + How DBRE leverages Grafana
  • Live ‘ask me anything (AMA) with Verizon + Grafana Teams

Derek Meyer

DMTS-Systems Engineering, Verizon

Mozammel Hoque

Senior Manager at Verizon (Database Engineering & Operations), Verizon

Eldin Nikocevic

Lead Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs

Eldin is a Senior Principal Solutions Engineer and a seasoned Grafanista with extensive experience in the Grafana stack. With a strong background in cloud technologies and various other tech domains, he is currently focused on strategic outcomes for our customers, using his expertise to drive impactful solutions.

Jason Maloney

Principal Customer Success Manager, Grafana Labs

Greg Erb

Enterprise Sales, Grafana Labs