TraceQL is a new query language specifically designed for distributed tracing in Grafana Tempo 2.0. This webinar will walk through the basics of writing a TraceQL query and how you can use it to quickly identify traces that are useful to you as a developer or SRE.

We will cover the basic mechanics of the language and work through examples to show you how to use this powerful language to find the exact traces you’re looking for.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • TraceQL query structures 
  • Current TraceQL features
  • What’s next for TraceQL

Additional resources to explore:

Joe Elliott

Principal Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Joe Elliott has been working as an SRE/Devops/Infrastructure person with Kubernetes for the last 4 years. Currently a Principal Engineer at Grafana, he is the creator of Tempo, a Jaeger maintainer, and has contributed to the OpenTelemetry Collector, Loki and Cortex. When he’s not at the keyboard or wrangling kids, Joe likes to get out on his bike.