Do you want to alert on when a key metric is too high or low but aren’t certain what the value should be? Do you struggle to maintain static thresholds for some of your alerts? Grafana Machine Learning, which was recently launched in Grafana Cloud, addresses problems like these by enabling you to train a model to learn the patterns within your systems and make confident predictions into the future. From there, you can create alerts that can adapt to the expected ebb and flow of your systems.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Grafana Machine Learning to create metric forecasts and configure alerts based on them.
  • How to query the forecasts and visualize them in Grafana.
  • How to determine where this adaptive alerting works best.

Mat Ryer

Principal Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Mat is a Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs on the Machine Learning team. Author of Go Programming Blueprints and host of Go Time podcast.

Chris Marchbanks

Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Chris is a Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs on the Machine Learning team, and a maintainer of Prometheus. Outside of work, Chris can be found backcountry skiing and climbing in the mountains of Colorado.