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This is an exclusive, highly interactive, virtual technical session created specifically for IAG and CGU. In this tech day that was recorded live on 7th April 2022, our experts shared aspects of Grafana Enterprise, advancements in visualisation, metrics (Prometheus), and Grafana 8.0+. We also heard from your IAG teammates firsthand as shared their stories and best practices in Grafana.

Who Should Watch the On-Demand

This technical knowledge-transfer session is ideal for all IT teams that manage and interpret logs and data from various sources like Prometheus, Splunk, Elastic, and New Relic, to name a few.  This interactive session will be highly beneficial for individuals who are involved in site reliability engineering (SRE), DevOps, application development and management, data pipeline management, and infrastructure integration.


IAG + Grafana Labs Welcome and Introduction

Presenters: Dave Newman, Grafana Labs; Sirin Akbas, IAG; Steven Gill, IAG

Grafana Labs Overview & Big Tent Philosophy

Session Overview: In this introduction, learn about Grafana Labs, and how we deliver a simple and scalable solution for unifying your data across multiple systems and sources, enabling both real-time and historical analysis in Grafana Cloud or self-hosted on your own infrastructure.

Presenter: Dave Newman, Account Executive, Grafana Labs & Cyril Amsellem, Lead Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs

Observability at IAG Today: Prometheus & Grafana Usage

Session Overview: Stephen Townsend will showcase how his team uses Prometheus and Grafana to monitor a Java COTS product hosted on Kubernetes/Docker in AWS

Presenter: Stephen Townshend, Site Reliability Engineer, IAG

Scale your observability platform with Grafana Enterprise Stack

Session Overview: Learn about Grafana Logs, LogQL, and how to correlate metrics and logs. We will also cover how to Extend Prometheus with Cortex and Grafana Metrics.

Presenter: Cyril Amsellem

Grafana Usage with IAG API Team

Session Overview: Senad Ameti will showcase how the IAG API team integrates Grafana into their workflow, and will share lessons learned, and best practices.

Presenter: Senad Ameti, Lead DevOps & API Engineer, IAG

Build a managed observability framework

Session Overview: In this demo, we will show how to instrument your applications with the Grafana stack, how to user our curated dashboards for your tech stack with particular focus on Sprint boot and Kubernetes, and how to automate deployment and provisioning using dashboards-as-a-code capabilities.

Presenter: Cyril Amsellem

IAG Data/System Observability Stack in the data space using Grafana, Loki, and Prometheus

Session Overview: Michael Gilhooly will showcase the in-house project IAG Data/System Observability Stack in the data space, and how Grafana, Loki, and Prometheus provided a strong base for the project.

Presenter: Michael Gilhooly, Technical Specialist, Site Reliability Engineering, IAG

Accelerate debugging and troubleshooting using Grafana

Session Overview: Learn how Grafana can proactively help teams to debug and troubleshoot systems using best practices on correlating metrics, logs, and traces. Cyril will showcase Grafana OnCall to manage alerts and incidents, and advanced alerting and anomaly detections with GrafanaML

Presenter: Cyril Amsellem

Ask me Anything (AMA)

Session Overview: This time is dedicated to ask anything and everything. You may unmute and ask and/or utilise the Webex chat functionality.

Wrap up and next steps!

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Dave Newman

Enterprise Account Executive, Grafana

Cyril Amsellem

Lead Solutions Engineer, APAC, Grafana Labs

Sirin Akbas

Manager, SRE – Data Reliability Engineering, IAG

Steve Gill

Manager, SRE and Release Engineering, IAG

Stephen Townshend

Site Reliability Engineer, IAG

Senad Ameti

Lead DevOps & API Engineer, IAG

Michael Gilhooly

Technical Specialist, Site Reliability Engineering, IAG