This session is for Fetch Rewards employees only and registration with a business email is required.

You are invited to an exclusive, highly interactive, virtual technical session created specifically for Fetch Rewards. Our experts will be sharing aspects of Grafana Enterprise, advancements in visualization, metrics (Prometheus), logs (Loki) using Grafana Cloud, There will also be sessions dedicated to the latest with Grafana 8 and machine learning. You will also hear from your Fetch Rewards teammates firsthand as they will share their stories and best practices in Grafana.

Whether you are just getting started with monitoring or you are a Grafana expert, join us for this event that will cover the following topics in the agenda below.


  • 11:00am-11:10am: Welcome and team Introductions
  • 11:10am-11:25am: Grafana 8.0 Features & Overview
  • 11:25am-11:35am: Machine Learning with Grafana
  • 11:35am-12:05pm: Loki Overview
  • 12:05pm-12:25pm: Tempo: Intro + How to Integrate with Jaeger
  • 12:25pm-12:50pm: Fetch Rewards Dashboard Showcase + Use Cases
  • 12:50pm-1:00pm: Ask Me Anything (AMA) + Wrap-up

Join the conversation on Grafana Labs Slack Community for live agenda and event updates! You will receive the Fetch Rewards Innovation Day Slack channel once your registration is confirmed.

Corey Jones

Czar of Site Reliability Engineering at Fetch Rewards, Inc., Grafana Labs

Tom Wilkie

Chief Technology Officer, Grafana Labs

Tom is Chief Technology Officer at Grafana Labs, a member of the Prometheus team, and one of the original authors of the Cortex and Loki projects. In his spare time, he builds 3D printers and makes craft beer.

Joe Elliott

Principal Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Joe Elliott has been working as an SRE/Devops/Infrastructure person with Kubernetes for the last 4 years. Currently a Principal Engineer at Grafana, he is the creator of Tempo, a Jaeger maintainer, and has contributed to the OpenTelemetry Collector, Loki and Cortex. When he’s not at the keyboard or wrangling kids, Joe likes to get out on his bike.

Dave Frankel

Solutions Engineering Director, Grafana Labs

Alex Laursen

Account Executive, Grafana Labs