Along with metrics and logs, tracing is one of the three pillars of modern observability. Grafana Tempo is a high-volume distributed tracing backend whose only dependency is object storage. Unlike other tracing backends, Tempo can hit massive scale without a difficult-to-manage Elasticsearch or Cassandra cluster. In this session, we will use an instrumented application to demonstrate how to use logs and Prometheus exemplars to find traces effectively in Tempo. The demo will hit on the basics of operating Tempo and reveal how Tempo allows us to scale tracing as far as possible with less operational cost and complexity than ever before.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Getting started setting up Tempo
  • Why Tempo?
  • How to discover traces without native search (Exemplars/Loki 2.0)
  • Upcoming Grafana exemplar support
  • Upcoming Prometheus exemplar support
Willie Engelbrecht

Willie Engelbrecht

Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs

Willie is currently enjoying a new hobby: astrophotography. He also loves to tinker and visualize all kinds of data in Grafana. Willie has been a user of Grafana for over 6 years and likes helping everyone democratize their observability strategy.