Getting started with your metrics, logs, and traces in Grafana Cloud:
Your full observability stack as a service

With the rise of microservices and complex systems, observability is more important than ever. But many organizations can’t afford the overhead of installing, maintaining, and scaling their own observability stack. Enter Grafana Cloud, a fully managed, composable observability platform that integrates metrics, logs, and traces with Grafana dashboards. With both free and paid plans, Grafana Cloud allows you to leverage the best open source observability software – including Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, and Tempo – without the hassle.

In this webinar, you’ll get a live demo of how to ship data from your favorite data sources and instantly visualize it in Grafana Cloud. Learn how Grafana Cloud makes it easy for you to get started with observability, and then graduate to advanced features around security, synthetic monitoring, and performance all over the stack.

During this webinar, we will:

  1. Introduce Grafana Cloud as the fully managed observability stack for your metrics, logs, and traces.
  2. Show you a live demo of how you can easily ship and visualize data in Grafana Cloud with the Grafana Agent and integrations.
  3. Talk about Synthetic Monitoring and show you how you can do it with Grafana Cloud.
  4. Explain how you can visualize data from external data sources such as Dynatrace, Datadog, etc. together in the same dashboards with your Grafana Cloud data.
  5. Show you how to start using Grafana Cloud for free with our actually useful free forever plan.

James Williams

Principal Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs